Local Goverments and City Management

  • Co-Founder & Chair of European Cities for Sustainable Public Finances (CSPF)
  • Project Manager and key expert in the UNDP Local Administration Reform project for Turkey for organising three “learning journeys” for the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation and the Ministry of the Interior, to 3 EU Member States (Spain, France and Poland) at EIPA
  • Town Twinning between Turkey and EU Internship programme, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate for EU Affairs, the Union of Municipalities of Turkey, the Union of Provinces and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation, DG for Local Authorities, financed by Turkey and the EU at EIPA
  • Creation of the ‘City excellence cloud’ `project on “In Search of Local Public Management Excellence – Seven Journeys to Success” developing a “seven step model” leading to excellence in (local) governments with seven medium-sized cities (Bilbao, Birmingham, Mannheim, Milan, Tampere, Tallinn and Trondheim) at EIPA